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Our beginner drum lessons allow beginners to get behind the drum kit and on their way to taking the stage. We combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly jams at EMC. In addition to teaching basic drum techniques to beginner students, our drum instructors teach rudiments, grooves, and more. In our drum lessons for adults, we use the same core philosophy of performance-based education as in our drum lessons for kids. We find that performing with a band and weekly jams accelerate the learning process.


Learning Piano with our system gives a more modern approach to the instrument. In our club, our members are taught to love the keyboard (and piano) through learning modern songs that they are familiar with, while incorporating basic concepts and skills like finger placement, scales, pedaling, key differentiation, and rhythm. Identifying their progress, we move them to more challenging and amplified keyboard techniques as soon as their enthusiasm for the instrument has grown. 


Our EMC proficient educators show guitar examples to novices beginning with the basics, including scales, harmonies, tuning, arpeggios and beat. They then utilize well-known melodies to assist with further developing ear preparation and melodic turn of events. Our fledgling guitar examples support innovativeness and assist with forming new understudies into top notch players with week by week private guitar/ bass illustrations and week by week club practice.


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