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     “If you have a passion for music, you don’t stop doing it. Music chooses you and doesn’t release you.” 

-Tina Weymouth

Birthed into a musical family, Lamonte Silver knew from a young age that music would be a part of his purpose. Coming from a father and mother who were both musicians, this New Jersey native discovered his own passion at the age of 4 where he was often found playing drums on the pews in church. A few years later, 8-year-old Lamonte landed his first gig as the drummer of the church his family attended.


As time went on, Lamonte’s ear for music begin to mature and his love for music began to develop even more. In 2000, Lamonte’s family relocated to Maryland and what was to come of his music became a blur. During this time, Lamonte met a high school friend, Elliot Jefferson, and the two shared the same passion for music. Immediately the two began to play in church together, small local gigs and discovered a new passion for producing and creating music, which birthed their production company One Vision Productions.


In 2003, Lamonte was accepted into Bowie State University where he studied Broadcast Journalism. After an extended pause, which during this time Lamonte started a family, he decided to complete his degree with a new focus and direction. At the age of 30, Lamonte graduated from Bowie State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology.


Music has continued to open doors to amazing opportunities. Lamonte has played in Africa and all over the United States. He has had the privilege to play for Lil’ Mo, Q Parker of 112, Ayanna Crawley, Earl Carter and an array of local artist. He has produced music for Dru Hill, Betty G ‘Ethiopia Artist’, Jocelyn “Indigo” Saunders, Darnell Moore and the list goes on.


Today you can find Lamonte growing his new recording studio with his partners, which is located in Greenbelt, Maryland, playing in a traveling agency band “Sound Connection”, as well as other local bands and of course playing drums in church on Sunday. Making his mark in the music industry is a purpose Lamonte is intending to fulfill. He is more than ready for the next chapter of his musical journey, Essential Music Club! Music is a gift that became a passion that birthed purpose. Lamonte has found his purpose in catapulting the next generation of musician and creatives.

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